pool algae

How to Get Rid of Pool Algae?

Is your pool water not clear? Is your swimming pool all green inspite of  filtering the water? If yes, it can be due to the accumulation of Algae in your pool. Fortunately, it is not that difficult to eliminate algae from your pool.

pool algae

Before we delve into the Algae removal methods which you can use it is important to understand what exactly algae is.

Algae are plantlike organisms which can be green, brown, red, yellow in color. It grows in humid conditions as well as underwater. The 3 common forms of algae which can impact your swimming pool are:

  • Green algae or Blue algae
  • Yellow Algae
  • Black algae

The 3 algae types which we have mentioned are in chronological of difficulty to eliminate. The green algae is easy is to remove, followed by the yellow one and black is pretty hard to remove.

We will today share with you 3 different methods which you can use to eliminate algae from your swimming pool.

Super Chlorination of Your Swimming Pool

The more the accumulation of algae in your pool, the darker will be its color. If it’s light green in color, that indicates slower accumulation of algae. On the other hand, if it’s dark green in color, it indicates higher accumulation and if it is black in color, it indicates the significant concentration of algae.

Increasing the amount of chlorine in the swimming pool water will help you in eliminating algae. However, you have to choose the quantity of chlorine according to the concentration of algae. If you are having light green pool water, you can add 1 pound of chlorine in up to 10,000 gallons of water. Similarly, in a dark green pool, you can add 3 pounds of chlorine up to 10,000 gallons of water. In case, there is an accumulation of black algae in your swimming pool, you can add 4 pounds of chlorine to 10,000 gallons of water.

If the swimming pool which you have is larger than 10,000 gallons, you have to multiply the quantity accordingly.

You can use the ultra-shock chlorine in order to chlorinate your swimming pool.

Using Flocculant in Your Swimming Pool

Flocculant will help you in settling all the particles in the swimming pool at the bottom. Thereafter, it will be easy for you to vacuum out all the particles including algae. Even though, it is more time consuming as compared to some of the other techniques but it is highly effective. Whether you’re suffering from the light concentration of algae or darker concentration of algae in your swimming pool, with the help of this chemical you will be able to eliminate them all.

Procedure to use the Flocculant:

  • The 1st thing which you have to do is to select the recycle or recirculate option for your pool pump. This will ensure that the water does not go through the filter.
  • Thereafter, you have to add the chemical according to the instructed quantity. Flocculant can be available in the liquid form as well as the powder form. You have to look at the instructions of usage and thereafter add it to the swimming pool.
  • In order to mix the chemical in the swimming pool water, you have to let it circulate for at least 2 hours.
    • You have to then leave the pool as it is overnight.
  • Thereafter, you have to set the pool pump valve to waste. You have to then begin vacuuming out the cloud which has been formed at the bottom.
  • You can also pump in fresh water in your pool with the help of your garden hose.

The time period which this technique takes will be dependent on the size of the pool. Once you have completed this technique, you can even use the 1st technique which we have mentioned in order to be doubly sure.

Super Floc out is one such flocculant which is highly effective in getting rid of algae from your pool.

Using Algaecide

If you’re looking for the best pool cleaner for swimming pool using an algaecide is the perfect option for you. It consists of ingredients like metals as well as b14 which can kill algae quite quickly. You can pick between the different brands quite easily. This is also a preventive method for avoiding the accumulation of algae in the swimming pool. Also, this method should be used once in a while as algaecides are pretty expensive. Moreover, nobody prefers metal concentration in the swimming pool water. Metal concentration in the swimming pool water increases the chances of staining.

Which method should you choose?

Ideally, you should always opt for the 1st method. It can help you in eliminating any kind of algae. Moreover, once you add the right quantity of chlorine to the swimming pool water, it is more like automatic pool cleaner. Occasionally, when you want to be doubly sure that all the algae is removed from your swimming pool, you can opt for this method as well. Method 3 should only be used as a preventive method occasionally.

3 Tips to Avoid Accumulation of Algae in Your Swimming Pool:

If you are able to take certain preventive measures, you can be sure that there will be no accumulation of algae in your swimming pool at all. We will share with you simple 3 tips which you can always follow.

Keeping the filter in proper condition

When the filter of the swimming pool is in proper condition, you can be sure that the contaminants will be eliminated as well. This will automatically reduce the accumulation of algae and eliminate it in most of the cases.

Water Balance

The chlorine levels in the water should be kept around 2.0 ppm this will ensure that the conditions in the swimming pool are not conducive for the growth of algae.

Keep using the proper cleaning techniques from time to time

Whenever there is even a light accumulation of algae, it is important to use these techniques. This will ensure that there is no accumulation of algae.

Thus, with the help of the above 3 methods which we have highlighted, you will be able to easily eliminate algae from your pool. Most of the people like to opt for the best robotic pool cleaner that is the super chlorination method which we have mentioned above. It will automatically help you in keeping your pool algae-free at all points in time.