cloudy pool

How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water

If the pristine, clear water of your swimming pool has turned cloudy overnight you have good reason to be concerned. Not only is it an ugly sight, cloudy water in your swimming pool can cause stomach bugs and urinary tract infections and allergies. A cloudy pool is also a safety hazard as the opaque waters make it very difficult to spot if someone is in trouble.

cloudy pool

So how do you go about fixing a cloudy pool? There are a number of reasons that can cause pool water to get murky and each has its own solution. Let’s look at some of them:

  1. Rain – If your pool is cloudy after rain, it could be due to rainwater draining contaminants like pollen, acid rain, dust etc in your pool water.
  2. Chemical Imbalance – If you add the wrong pool chemicals or the incorrect amount, your pool’s pH balance may go awry or you may end up with excess calcium in the pool. High pH of the pool water will cause the chlorine in the pool to be ineffective. This can cause a spurt of algae and microorganisms which cause murkiness.
  3. Improper Filtration – Sometimes the problem is just a dirty pool. If your filtration system is old, broken or not being run for long enough, the particulate content in your water may go up and make the water turbid.
  4. Pool Shocking – If you have recently shocked your pool, the waters may remain turbid for some time. Wait for a little while out and the murkiness will go away.

Now that we have looked at the causes, let’s look at the remedies to fix cloudy pool water:

Use a home testing kit: A chemical pool testing kit will help you diagnose the reasons that are causing murkiness. It will tell you the pH levels as well as the amount of chlorine, calcium, phosphates and other chemicals in the pool. This will allow you to choose the right fix for the problem.

Use a pH reducer: If the murkiness is due to high alkalinity, use a pH reducer such as sodium sulfate to reduce the alkalinity of the water. If the murkiness is due to too much calcium, use a settling agent to reduce the calcium content of the pool water.

Use a Pool Clarifier – If the murkiness in the pool is caused by particulate matter, a pool clarifier will help. A pool clarifier aggregates small particulate into larger particles that can be caught by the filtration system.

Use a Pool Flocculant – A pool flocculant will cause particles in your pool water to aggregate and settle at the bottom.Turning on the bottom drains will then clear the dirty water at the bottom. An automatic pool cleaner will not do the job as it will only recirculate the particles at the bottom back into the pool. If you have an above ground pool with no bottom drains, put the inlet pipe of a vacuum pump on the floor of your pool to remove the water near the floor.

Fix your filtration system – If your pool murkiness is due to insufficient filtration, maybe you are not running it for long enough. For most home pools, running the filtration system for 6 or 7 is sufficient. Insufficient water circulation can also cause the filtration system to not work. So make sure your pump is the right size for your pool.

Call an expert – If none of the above remedies work, maybe it is a more deep-rooted problem. It is the time to call a professional pool cleaning service.