How to Clear a Green Pool

You want your swimming pool to be a clear, clean, beautiful sight to behold. Having it turn into a swamp-like green mess is a distressing problem for the pool owner. Swimming in green pool water is unsafe, so finding out how to clear a green pool is critical.


What Causes a Green Pool?

Green swimming pool water is caused by green algae, which thrives when there is a chemical imbalance in the water. Algae can first enter a pool in various ways such as wind, heavy rainfall, extended periods of hot weather, inefficient filtration, or inaccurate chemical treatments. Algae multiply very quickly and can harbor harmful organisms such as bacteria, so you need to know how to clear a green pool.

Steps in How to Clear a Green Pool:

The first step in how to clear a green pool is to remove any debris from the pool. At that point analyze the water’s pH likewise the alkalinity to ensure they are inside legitimate extents. Permitting chlorine levels to dip under 1 PPM (your free chlorine can even be higher and still have green growth!) is an open welcome to green growth.

The second step in how to clear an algae infested pool is to shock the water. Shock is essentially very strong chlorine that kills bacteria. Depending on the severity of your algae issue, you will likely need to increase the shock from a normal dosage of 1 lb. Per 10,000 gallons to 1 lb. Per 7,500 gallons (follow the manufacturer’s recommended dosage). Remember to have the filter running as you do this. Afterwards, run the filter continuously 24 hours a day, backwashing it a minimum of four times per day (or cleaning the filter if you have a cartridge). This is the most important step in how to clearing up a pool.

The third step in how to clear a green pool is to do a thorough vacuum of it. If the sides and bottom of your pond also have algae growths, you must brush them.

The fourth step in how to clear a green pool is to keep repeating all of these procedures until your swimming pool water has returned to a distinct state. Then, check your pool’s filter to make sure it is clean and functioning correctly. Going forward, add algaecide to your pool’s water on the weekly basis and keep your chlorine levels at appropriate levels. Learning how to clear a green pool is important and needs to be done right away.

The robotic pool cleaners are the best and simple to operate. They are even priced the lowest; they are electronic devices running independently from the swimming pools filtration system. These models are unique and different. They also look beautiful. They are instant in their operation and can clean the most diverse swimming pools in just a few hours. Their efficiency is at the highest rate, and thus they are utilized for the cleaning of the lakes, thus ensuring that the pool pump which keeps the water clean and crystal clear doesn’t remain stagnant which may cause the pool to grow algae thus making your water green.