Coleman Pools vs Intex Pools: Which One Should You Buy?

In the summer, you and your family absolutely want to enjoy the swimming to cool down. However, leaving home and looking for swimming pools can make you a lot of troubles. So why don’t you just invest an above ground swimming in your backyard and enjoy your summer? It could be a better investment than you imagine.

This article will analyze two of the best above ground pools in this industry to give you an answer to this question: Coleman pools vs Intex pools: Which one should you buy?



Coleman Company

Coleman is a US company that produces outdoor recreation artefact which includes camping gear and above ground pools. Although the company has various goods that it produces and sells, some of its branded products are made by its partners. These include Coleman Pools produced by Bestway.

This firm has devoted its resources to develop research, design, and production of high quality and innovative above pool products. Coleman goal is to meet the needs of all consumers to ensure your satisfaction.

Features of Coleman Pools

coleman pool

Coleman Pools has the following features:

  • Easy to Maintain

It is really easy to manage and to maintain a Coleman Pools. You don’t need to frequently clean, filter and bleach like the other pools. It is not forced to treat water frequently to allergies and infection. Furthermore, the water in these pools flows smoothly.

  • Adjustable Size

Coleman pools are really easy to move. Moreover, they have a wide range of sizes, shapes and depth. You can relax and enjoy your swimming in the full-size pool while your child can play independently in the toddler pool. You can also increase or decrease the pool size as you want.

  • Easy to Install and Clean up

You can use the Coleman pools whenever you want in over a few seconds without any professional help. There’s no need to pay effort to dig, level, or tile to set up your pool. In case you want to clean up the pool, it is still no need a professional help such as a best robotic pool cleaner for inground pool since you can complete it all by yourself.

  • Privacy Guaranteed

You don’t have to wonder what kind of cloth you should put on to swim. Now you will have the privacy that you deserve with your own Coleman above ground swimming pool.

Intex Company

Intex Company produces airbeds, boats, furniture, spas, toys, and of course above ground pools. It is a part of a global corporation with over 40 years old. Intex objective is to provide the highest quality pools at an affordable price, all made for fun, safety, and comfort.

Intex is proud to supply excellent pools with outstanding customer service. Since the vision of Intex is to be the most innovative, trusted, and reputable brand in this industry. The quality of Intex Pools is carefully-checked before hitting the market to ensure safety, value, and quality.

Features of Intex Pools

intex pool

A simple analysis of Intex Pools features will give you a clearer view of the product of this brand.

  • Price

In the beginning, Intex Pools have a quite affordable price. For $200, you and your family can enjoy an above ground swimming pool in at least two years. It means if you use the pool for a three-year pool life and a four-month swimming season, you would only cost about $21 per month.

  • Setup

It is really easy to install an Intex Pool. They can be thirst water in 30 minutes and ready for swimming in an hour. You can conveniently buy an Intex Pool at a store in the morning and enjoy your swimming at 2.00pm. You also can save your money since you can set up this pool by yourself.

  • Commitment

If you don’t intend to live in a house for a long time or even only a renter, you can still get yourself one of these pools and set it up since it doesn’t need a permanent structure. Landscaping done to set the pool can be undone smoothly even faster than you think.

  • Simplicity and Size

Bulky equipment is not required. The Intex Pools use solid filters and pumps – some of which come with the unit and operate on low power from the power outlet. In fact, these pools come with kits having all the parts and accessories that you need to enjoy a great summer.


We will look at 2 of the top pools from these brands to give you an idea of what you will be getting:

Coleman Power Steel Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool

This one can be considered as the best above ground pool in this industry. It is easy to install, affordable, and will get you swimming within seconds.


  • Accessories – The pool is sold with an accessory kit that is widely available, including a pump, a ground cloth, and a ladder.
  • The technology of Power Steel – The pool is quite strong as the name called. Moreover, its structure is designed to remain safe and to stay strong for many years.
  • Various Choices – You can choose round or rectangular shapes for your pool. Besides that, you may choose from a wide range of water depths and sizes.


  • Customer service is hard to reach
  • Shaky ladder

Intex Prism Frame Above Ground Pool

This pool is quite famous since its affordable price. You can easily assemble it and have a house party in your backyard.


  • 3-Ply liner – The units liner is made from a sturdy material with the 3-layer resisting puncture.
  • Easy to assemble – Its package has an installation kit, including an instructional DVD, ground cloth, pump,  ladder, and pool cover.
  • Prism frame – This frame is covered by powder so as to resist rust.


  • The pump has low quality
  • Shaky ladder


We hope you have some ideas through this article for your future above ground swimming pool. We also hope that you have deep knowledge about these reputable brands of above ground swimming pool. Both firms are great producers and you cannot go wrong with either brand. Enjoy your swimming!