Coleman Pool Reviews

Coleman Pool Reviews

Coleman Pool Reviews

Coleman pools are great products. Although they are typically 48-52 inches deep and are suitable for small families and children of younger age. The underlisted Coleman pool reviews are our top pick for you

Reviews of Top Coleman Pools in the Market Today

For medium-size families with kids, and lovers of Coleman products, here could be what you have been looking for. The underlisted Coleman pools are perfect for bringing you the satisfaction you deserve. They are durable, strong, and are one of the top brands in the market.

1. Coleman 26′ x 52″ Power Steel Frame Above-Ground Swimming Pool Set

At your initial purchase of this product, you get a filter pump, ladder, pool cover, and ground cloth. Also, in the package is a maintenance kit, advanced repair patch, and DVD for installation guide for easy installation. A Perfect product for relaxation at your backyard. 

The pool materials are designed to be rust-resistant for durability. The reinforced PVC and triple-layer polyester sidewalls are designed to last and withstand severe conditions. The reinforced belt around the pool holds the frame leg firmly to the ground to serve as additional support to the pool.

With the 10,688 gallons of water in it, be rest assured to have pleasurable swimming. Right outside the walls of the pool is a valve to drain water away.

2. Coleman 22′ x 52″ Power Steel Swim Vista II Swimming Pool Set

Tested and trusted by various users, and it stands to be one of the best in the market today. Its strength is remarkable, and the materials truly designed to last. The pool capacity is 10,688 gallons, and with the water capacity and size, you have a pool to be enjoyed by many.

The metal frames are rust-resistant. The reinforced PVC and triple-layer polyester sidewalls all joined to add strength and support to the pool, thus offering a durable product. The belts are uniquely designed to be wrapped around the pool to hold the legs firmly in position.

The seal and lock system are equipped with the pool to provide extra strength. It comes easy to use and setup.

3. Coleman 22 x 52 Power-Steel Frame Above-Ground Pool Set

This powerful Coleman steel is a choice for every family because of its robust nature and ability to keep up the weight without failing. Something you would like is the easy assembling feature, no tools required.

In addition to all these features, you also stand to enjoy a direct-from-factory filter pump to give you a clean pool. The product also comes with a pool cover to keep your pool away from debris, ground cloth, and a ladder 

All the frames and reinforced PVC are built to last. The belt anchored around the pool helps to provide additional support to the legs. Outside the sidewalls is a valve to drain your pool. With proper maintenance, you stand to enjoys years of faultless product.

4. Coleman Bestway 14 x 48 Steel Frame Above Ground Pool Set 

This comes with all the features necessary to set up your pool, including 6 replacement cartridges. You do not need to purchase additional accessories to set up your pool. It is perfect for children and adults. The good thing about this pool is that it does not require much water. Little maintenance and it also saves you cost in the long run.

It is designed for durability, with the rust resistance features, T connectors, and belt that anchors around the liners to give you a long-lasting product. Also, the 1000 gallons filter pumps give you a fast flow rate. The product is unique with the cartridges capable of fitting 1000GPH and 1500GPH filter pumps

5. Coleman 18 x 48 Power Steel Frame Above-Ground Swimming Pool Set

These 6,092 gallons of Colman pool is what you will need if you have children in the family because of size. The instructional DVD gives you all you need to assemble and maintain your pool easily. With no additional cost, you have all pool sets necessary to bring your pool to life, including a pool filter pump.

Attached to the pool is a control valve which can be connected to a garden hose for easy drainage of your pool. The rust resistant frame and the reinforced PVC gives you a durable product. The belt that is wrapped around the liner and triple polyester side walls provide extra support.

6. Coleman 18 x 9 x 48 Power Steel Rectangular Frame Above-ground Pool

The 18 x 9 x 48 Coleman pool is one you would need to cool off with your friends during the summer. It’s built with durability in mind and the structure and design of the pool is something to give you the confidence of its strength. It is effortless in maintaining and setting up. 

The rust-resistant frames, the triple polyester sidewalls, and the belt are designed to provide support to the pool. There is a flow valve that can be attached to a garden hose to drain your pool water away. It gives lots of pleasure and can last you years if you follow all maintenance protocol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Many Gallons is a Coleman 22×52 Pool?

A product with this unit will require 10,473 to get it filled up at 90% capacity. It needs no tool to get it installed. However, setup can require 2-3 adults. 

Q: How Much Water Does a Coleman Pool Hold?

A Colman pool water capacity depends on the size of the pool and design spec. Some pools designed to be filled at 80% or 90% capacity with varying sizes. A rectangular pool is mainly designed to hold 17,280 gallons. A circular pool will hold 7,646 gallons while oval Colman pools hold 10,620 gallons.

Q: How to Clean a Coleman Pool?

Maintaining your pool is one step to having a hygienic pool. While trying to clean your pool, ensure you use the right equipment to avoid damaging the pool. Here are a few steps to cleaning your pool

Step 1: Filter and skim your pool by running the skimmer and filter 8 hours a day to keep the skimmer and filter clean.

Step 2: Backwash the pool when necessary to ensure debris that gets stuck in the filter system is removed. Backwash the pool when the pressure gauge rises between 8-10 lbs.

Step 3: Clean the cartridge filter whenever you are doing your daily or weekly cleaning to be sure the system is working fine.

Step 4: Clean the pump basket while doing your routine washing to remove all the debris gathered. If necessary, hose it for proper cleaning

Step 5: Empty the skimmer basket regularly light dirt and debris in the water. Do this periodically to make sure no dirt is clogged. You can also use a flat skimmer let to isolate debris or use a leaf rake to remove large debris.

Step 6: Brush the pool using a brush with nylon bristles to avoid damaging the pool and brush in a downward motion. Also, remember to brush the ladder. You may also choose to use a vacuum cleaner, which is more effective.


The above listed Coleman above ground pool reviews serves as a guide to getting the best Colman product in the market. Remember that if you need to save additional cost, you may want to go for products that come with the skimmer, ground cloth, pool cover and filter. With all these, you would not be spending additional cash.