Weddings come only once in a lifetime (at least for most people), but whether it’s your first time, second or even third time, weddings are a paramount occasion that you should prepare for. As a matter of fact, preparation is an understatement!

You should not just prepare for it; you should plan it way ahead of time because you never know what incident may come up, this way you can be sure that whatever happens – gown malfunction, last minute venue changes, etc. you have a back – up plan. Pixies Petals can help you organize your wedding down to every detail!

We are experts when it comes to wedding planning and events. We know that weddings are not like any other occasion, it’s one of the greatest events that could happen in one’s life, so we’ve got you covered; we’re here to help you get every detail right and connect you with the best suppliers around town at a very affordable package.

Nicole Richards is the brain behind this beautifully packaged wedding service. A lot is involved in making your special day a huge success; we offer services such as:


  •    Wedding gown/Suite/ Dress recommendations


  •    The venue of your wedding


  •    Logistics


  •    The Reception


  •    The programs involve


  •    The manpower you need


The organization of the things mentioned above is not as simple as you think. You need pixiespetals.com to make sure that everything is in place. Our founder, Nicole Richards is a born organizer and has a passion for making people happy especially on their wedding day!

We have a team of professionals that are experts in wedding plannings and events. We are the best in the business! Visit pixiespetals.com, and see our satisfied clients who had an unforgettable wedding event because of us.

We are up-to-date with the latest trends in events management. When you browse our website, you will be surprised at the latest trends in the industry which we have carefully packaged to pamper you on your special day.

At pixiespetals.com we will make sure that you are special on your special day!