In the summer, you and your family absolutely want to enjoy the swimming to cool down. However, leaving home and looking for swimming pools can make you a lot of troubles. So why don’t you just invest an above ground swimming in your backyard and enjoy your summer? It could be a better investment than you imagine.

This article will analyze two of the best above ground pools in this industry to give you an answer to this question: Coleman pools vs Intex pools: Which one should you buy?



Coleman Company

Coleman is a US company that produces outdoor recreation artefact which includes camping gear and above ground pools. Although the company has various goods that it produces and sells, some of its branded products are made by its partners. These include Coleman Pools produced by Bestway.

This firm has devoted its resources to develop research, design, and production of high quality and innovative above pool products. Coleman goal is to meet the needs of all consumers to ensure your satisfaction.

Features of Coleman Pools

coleman pool

Coleman Pools has the following features:

  • Easy to Maintain

It is really easy to manage and to maintain a Coleman Pools. You don’t need to frequently clean, filter and bleach like the other pools. It is not forced to treat water frequently to allergies and infection. Furthermore, the water in these pools flows smoothly.

  • Adjustable Size

Coleman pools are really easy to move. Moreover, they have a wide range of sizes, shapes and depth. You can relax and enjoy your swimming in the full-size pool while your child can play independently in the toddler pool. You can also increase or decrease the pool size as you want.

  • Easy to Install and Clean up

You can use the Coleman pools whenever you want in over a few seconds without any professional help. There’s no need to pay effort to dig, level, or tile to set up your pool. In case you want to clean up the pool, it is still no need a professional help such as a best robotic pool cleaner for inground pool since you can complete it all by yourself.

  • Privacy Guaranteed

You don’t have to wonder what kind of cloth you should put on to swim. Now you will have the privacy that you deserve with your own Coleman above ground swimming pool.

Intex Company

Intex Company produces airbeds, boats, furniture, spas, toys, and of course above ground pools. It is a part of a global corporation with over 40 years old. Intex objective is to provide the highest quality pools at an affordable price, all made for fun, safety, and comfort.

Intex is proud to supply excellent pools with outstanding customer service. Since the vision of Intex is to be the most innovative, trusted, and reputable brand in this industry. The quality of Intex Pools is carefully-checked before hitting the market to ensure safety, value, and quality.

Features of Intex Pools

intex pool

A simple analysis of Intex Pools features will give you a clearer view of the product of this brand.

  • Price

In the beginning, Intex Pools have a quite affordable price. For $200, you and your family can enjoy an above ground swimming pool in at least two years. It means if you use the pool for a three-year pool life and a four-month swimming season, you would only cost about $21 per month.

  • Setup

It is really easy to install an Intex Pool. They can be thirst water in 30 minutes and ready for swimming in an hour. You can conveniently buy an Intex Pool at a store in the morning and enjoy your swimming at 2.00pm. You also can save your money since you can set up this pool by yourself.

  • Commitment

If you don’t intend to live in a house for a long time or even only a renter, you can still get yourself one of these pools and set it up since it doesn’t need a permanent structure. Landscaping done to set the pool can be undone smoothly even faster than you think.

  • Simplicity and Size

Bulky equipment is not required. The Intex Pools use solid filters and pumps – some of which come with the unit and operate on low power from the power outlet. In fact, these pools come with kits having all the parts and accessories that you need to enjoy a great summer.


We will look at 2 of the top pools from these brands to give you an idea of what you will be getting:

Coleman Power Steel Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool

This one can be considered as the best above ground pool in this industry. It is easy to install, affordable, and will get you swimming within seconds.


    • Accessories – The pool is sold with an accessory kit that is widely available, including a pump, a ground cloth, and a ladder.
    • The technology of Power Steel – The pool is quite strong as the name called. Moreover, its structure is designed to remain safe and to stay strong for many years.
  • Various Choices – You can choose round or rectangular shapes for your pool. Besides that, you may choose from a wide range of water depths and sizes.


    • Customer service is hard to reach
  • Shaky ladder

Intex Prism Frame Above Ground Pool

This pool is quite famous since its affordable price. You can easily assemble it and have a house party in your backyard.


    • 3-Ply liner – The units liner is made from a sturdy material with the 3-layer resisting puncture.
    • Easy to assemble – Its package has an installation kit, including an instructional DVD, ground cloth, pump,  ladder, and pool cover.
  • Prism frame – This frame is covered by powder so as to resist rust.


    • The pump has low quality
  • Shaky ladder


We hope you have some ideas through this article for your future above ground swimming pool. We also hope that you have deep knowledge about these reputable brands of above ground swimming pool. Both firms are great producers and you cannot go wrong with either brand. Enjoy your swimming!


There is no huge difference between a salt water pool and swimming pool with regular chlorine. You may think it would be harmful if you add chlorine into a salt water pool. But it is not in this case.

Most saltwater systems are produced with a button or switch to allow you to “super chlorinate” water in the pool. However, this feature is not a replacement for chlorine shock. To oxidize your pool, you may need something stronger than “super chlorination”. In fact, it is still necessary to do super chlorination monthly, but it will be not effective enough to help you get rid of algae. In order to clean up algae in your pool, you have to use the conventional shock which is considered as the best pool cleaner and shock your pool weekly.



It is really uncomfortable when seeing the algae in your saltwater pool. There are four things you need to focus on to change the situation of your pool

The rate of pH and alkalinity in your pool

The amount of shock

Your filter system

And your efforts

You can clean your pool yourself by following these appropriate steps below



Shock Your Salt Water Pool


First, you need to test your water yourself with test strips or take a water sample to your nearest pool supply store, if you think you do not understand the checking method. Ensure the levels of your pH and alkalinity of your pool are correct. You would want your pH to be around 7.4 to 7.6 and the alkalinity to be between 120 and 150 ppm (parts per million).

Hint: The shock will work more efficiently if your pool water is properly balanced.

Before shocking, the best preparation is brushing the walls and floors of your pool by the pool brush. There are cases that algae will cling to the surfaces of your pool, but by scrubbing the bottom and the sides, if you break it up first, then the chlorine shock will have a better chance to kill it. You need to pay particular attention to some hard-to-clean spots such as crevices, behind ladders, creases,  and pool steps.

Then, you need to determine the colour of the pool by the algae. If your saltwater pool is light green or teal, then you should double shock your pool by using standard calcium hypochlorite shock.

10,000 gallons of water would cost you one pound or bag of shock to treat up. Therefore, if your pool is about 10,000 gallons or less, you would need two pounds of shock to your water. It would be more effective in adding shock only at night. In addition, keep your pool running for at least 8 hours to allow the shock to circulate throughout the water and kill the algae.

It’s a saving-money idea to buy your shock in bulk instead of buying the retail one and so it’s always on hand when needed. This shock has a very high rate of active chlorine which is truly powerful for killing algae. Remember the tip is always shocking your pool at night when the sun is gone to get the best result.

If your saltwater pool is green or dark green, you should use a triple shock. This means you should use three pounds of shock if your pool is 10,000 gallons or less.

If your pool turns to black from algae (this case is quite rare and only happens at the beginning of the year of if you neglected your water salt pool for weeks or months), then you will have to quadruple shock it using four pounds per 10,000 gallons of pool water.


After Shocking, Your Pool Should Be Cloudy Blue


After the shocking process, you would see a cloudy blue pool in the next morning. This is the exact result we want. The dead algae usually lead to the cloudy water, which turns to a light grey when it’s killed. Then, your filter would do the rest.

Keep your filter running 24 hours a day during the process until the pool is totally clear. You can consider your filter as a best robotic pool cleaner since you only need to use it to know whether any debris stays in your pool without using other machines. It’s also safe to swim in your pool if it is cloudy. The movement in the water will help the filter clear the dead algae way.


Your Pool Is Still Green


If your pool is still green or teal from algae, you may need to repeat the shocking process to get rid of it for good. That why I would recommend buying enough shock to do this twice in case this happens. You should do the process again in the very next night. Then, the pool water would become cloudy blue and you can start to clean it up again.

If your pool still not turn to cloudy blue after the twice shock, there may be other problems with your water chemistry. Here are some things to solve this situation:

  • Make sure your pool water is balanced in a suitable way.
  • Check your water again before shocking by the support of a local pool store.
  • Have the store staffs check for chlorine lock or chlorine demand of your pool if they can.
  • Only execute shock process at night or dusk
  • Keep your filter running during the shock process.


How To Prevent Algae from Growing


The key are always controlling your pool properly balanced and sanitized to keep the algae from growing or returning. Make sure you follow these tips:

  • Keep the levels of pH, alkalinity and sanitizer in the correct rate at all times by periodic check.
  • Run your pump and filter about 8 to 12 hours a day.
  • Keep your pool clean and safe from the algae by regularly vacuuming and brushing.
  • Shock your pool every week. Remember 1 pound per 10,000 gallons or less.
  • Keep your other pool equipment clean including pool toys, diving boards, slides, floats, ladders, steps, diving boards, slides, solar blankets and covers.


Having the algae in your saltwater pool can upset you a little bit, but with just a little bit of hard work and some simple steps, you can easily and smoothly clear away the algae from the water and bring it back to the original situation that you wish to see in your pool.

Enjoy your swimming!


You want your swimming pool to be a clear, clean, beautiful sight to behold. Having it turn into a swamp-like green mess is a distressing problem for the pool owner. Swimming in green pool water is unsafe, so finding out how to clear a green pool is critical.


What causes a green pool?

Green swimming pool water is caused by green algae, which thrives when there is a chemical imbalance in the water. Algae can first enter a pool in various ways such as wind, heavy rainfall, extended periods of hot weather, inefficient filtration, or inaccurate chemical treatments. Algae multiply very quickly and can harbor harmful organisms such as bacteria, so you need to know how to clear a green pool.

Steps in how to clear a green pool:

  1. The first step in how to clear a green pool is to remove any debris from the pool. At that point analyze the water’s pH likewise the alkalinity to ensure they are inside legitimate extents. Permitting chlorine levels to dip under 1 PPM (your free chlorine can even be higher and still have green growth!) is an open welcome to green growth.
  2. The second step in how to clear an algae infested pool is to shock the water. Shock is essentially very strong chlorine that kills bacteria. Depending on the severity of your algae issue, you will likely need to increase the shock from a normal dosage of 1 lb. Per 10,000 gallons to 1 lb. Per 7,500 gallons (follow the manufacturer’s recommended dosage). Remember to have the filter running as you do this. Afterwards, run the filter continuously 24 hours a day, backwashing it a minimum of four times per day (or cleaning the filter if you have a cartridge). This is the most important step in how to clearing up a pool.
  3. The third step in how to clear a green pool is to do a thorough vacuum of it. If the sides and bottom of your pond also have algae growths, you must brush them.
  4. The fourth step in how to clear a green pool is to keep repeating all of these procedures until your swimming pool water has returned to a distinct state. Then, check your pool’s filter to make sure it is clean and functioning correctly. Going forward, add algaecide to your pool’s water on the weekly basis and keep your chlorine levels at appropriate levels. Learning how to clear a green pool is important and needs to be done right away.

The robotic pool cleaners are the best and simple to operate. They are even priced the lowest; they are electronic devices running independently from the swimming pools filtration system. These models are unique and different. They also look beautiful. They are instant in their operation and can clean the most diverse swimming pools in just a few hours. Their efficiency is at the highest rate, and thus they are utilized for the cleaning of the lakes, thus ensuring that the pool pump which keeps the water clean and crystal clear doesn’t remain stagnant which may cause the pool to grow algae thus making your water green.

pool algae

Is your pool water not clear? Is your swimming pool all green inspite of  filtering the water? If yes, it can be due to the accumulation of Algae in your pool. Fortunately, it is not that difficult to eliminate algae from your pool.

pool algae

Before we delve into the Algae removal methods which you can use it is important to understand what exactly algae is.

Algae are plantlike organisms which can be green, brown, red, yellow in color. It grows in humid conditions as well as underwater. The 3 common forms of algae which can impact your swimming pool are:

The 3 algae types which we have mentioned are in chronological of difficulty to eliminate. The green algae is easy is to remove, followed by the yellow one and black is pretty hard to remove.

We will today share with you 3 different methods which you can use to eliminate algae from your swimming pool.

Super chlorination of your swimming pool:

The more the accumulation of algae in your pool, the darker will be its color. If it’s light green in color, that indicates slower accumulation of algae. On the other hand, if it’s dark green in color, it indicates higher accumulation and if it is black in color, it indicates the significant concentration of algae.

Increasing the amount of chlorine in the swimming pool water will help you in eliminating algae. However, you have to choose the quantity of chlorine according to the concentration of algae. If you are having light green pool water, you can add 1 pound of chlorine in up to 10,000 gallons of water. Similarly, in a dark green pool, you can add 3 pounds of chlorine up to 10,000 gallons of water. In case, there is an accumulation of black algae in your swimming pool, you can add 4 pounds of chlorine to 10,000 gallons of water.

If the swimming pool which you have is larger than 10,000 gallons, you have to multiply the quantity accordingly.

You can use the ultra-shock chlorine in order to chlorinate your swimming pool.

Using Flocculant in your swimming pool:

Flocculant will help you in settling all the particles in the swimming pool at the bottom. Thereafter, it will be easy for you to vacuum out all the particles including algae. Even though, it is more time consuming as compared to some of the other techniques but it is highly effective. Whether you’re suffering from the light concentration of algae or darker concentration of algae in your swimming pool, with the help of this chemical you will be able to eliminate them all.

Procedure to use the Flocculant:

  • The 1st thing which you have to do is to select the recycle or recirculate option for your pool pump. This will ensure that the water does not go through the filter.
  • Thereafter, you have to add the chemical according to the instructed quantity. Flocculant can be available in the liquid form as well as the powder form. You have to look at the instructions of usage and thereafter add it to the swimming pool.
  • In order to mix the chemical in the swimming pool water, you have to let it circulate for at least 2 hours.
    • You have to then leave the pool as it is overnight.
  • Thereafter, you have to set the pool pump valve to waste. You have to then begin vacuuming out the cloud which has been formed at the bottom.
  • You can also pump in fresh water in your pool with the help of your garden hose.

The time period which this technique takes will be dependent on the size of the pool. Once you have completed this technique, you can even use the 1st technique which we have mentioned in order to be doubly sure.

Super Floc out is one such flocculant which is highly effective in getting rid of algae from your pool.

Using Algaecide:

If you’re looking for the best pool cleaner for swimming pool using an algaecide is the perfect option for you. It consists of ingredients like metals as well as b14 which can kill algae quite quickly. You can pick between the different brands quite easily. This is also a preventive method for avoiding the accumulation of algae in the swimming pool. Also, this method should be used once in a while as algaecides are pretty expensive. Moreover, nobody prefers metal concentration in the swimming pool water. Metal concentration in the swimming pool water increases the chances of staining.

Which method should you choose?

Ideally, you should always opt for the 1st method. It can help you in eliminating any kind of algae. Moreover, once you add the right quantity of chlorine to the swimming pool water, it is more like automatic pool cleaner. Occasionally, when you want to be doubly sure that all the algae is removed from your swimming pool, you can opt for this method as well. Method 3 should only be used as a preventive method occasionally.

3 tips to avoid accumulation of algae in your swimming pool:

If you are able to take certain preventive measures, you can be sure that there will be no accumulation of algae in your swimming pool at all. We will share with you simple 3 tips which you can always follow.

Keeping the filter in proper condition:

When the filter of the swimming pool is in proper condition, you can be sure that the contaminants will be eliminated as well. This will automatically reduce the accumulation of algae and eliminate it in most of the cases.

fWater Balance:

The chlorine levels in the water should be kept around 2.0 ppm this will ensure that the conditions in the swimming pool are not conducive for the growth of algae.

Keep using the proper cleaning techniques from time to time:

Whenever there is even a light accumulation of algae, it is important to use these techniques. This will ensure that there is no accumulation of algae.

Thus, with the help of the above 3 methods which we have highlighted, you will be able to easily eliminate algae from your pool. Most of the people like to opt for the best robotic pool cleaner that is the super chlorination method which we have mentioned above. It will automatically help you in keeping your pool algae-free at all points in time.


cloudy pool

If the pristine, clear water of your swimming pool has turned cloudy overnight you have good reason to be concerned. Not only is it an ugly sight, cloudy water in your swimming pool can cause stomach bugs and urinary tract infections and allergies. A cloudy pool is also a safety hazard as the opaque waters make it very difficult to spot if someone is in trouble.

cloudy pool

So how do you go about fixing a cloudy pool? There are a number of reasons that can cause pool water to get murky and each has its own solution. Let’s look at some of them:

  1. Rain – If your pool is cloudy after rain, it could be due to rainwater draining contaminants like pollen, acid rain, dust etc in your pool water.

  2. Chemical Imbalance – If you add the wrong pool chemicals or the incorrect amount, your pool’s pH balance may go awry or you may end up with excess calcium in the pool. High pH of the pool water will cause the chlorine in the pool to be ineffective. This can cause a spurt of algae and microorganisms which cause murkiness.

  3. Improper Filtration – Sometimes the problem is just a dirty pool. If your filtration system is old, broken or not being run for long enough, the particulate content in your water may go up and make the water turbid.

  4. Pool Shocking – If you have recently shocked your pool, the waters may remain turbid for some time. Wait for a little while out and the murkiness will go away.

Now that we have looked at the causes, let’s look at the remedies to fix cloudy pool water:

  1. Use a home testing kit: A chemical pool testing kit will help you diagnose the reasons that are causing murkiness. It will tell you the pH levels as well as the amount of chlorine, calcium, phosphates and other chemicals in the pool. This will allow you to choose the right fix for the problem.

  2. Use a pH reducer: If the murkiness is due to high alkalinity, use a pH reducer such as sodium sulfate to reduce the alkalinity of the water. If the murkiness is due to too much calcium, use a settling agent to reduce the calcium content of the pool water.

  3. Use a Pool Clarifier – If the murkiness in the pool is caused by particulate matter, a pool clarifier will help. A pool clarifier aggregates small particulate into larger particles that can be caught by the filtration system.

  4. Use a Pool Flocculant – A pool flocculant will cause particles in your pool water to aggregate and settle at the bottom.Turning on the bottom drains will then clear the dirty water at the bottom. An automatic pool cleaner will not do the job as it will only recirculate the particles at the bottom back into the pool. If you have an above ground pool with no bottom drains, put the inlet pipe of a vacuum pump on the floor of your pool to remove the water near the floor.

  5. Fix your filtration system – If your pool murkiness is due to insufficient filtration, maybe you are not running it for long enough. For most home pools, running the filtration system for 6 or 7 is sufficient. Insufficient water circulation can also cause the filtration system to not work. So make sure your pump is the right size for your pool.

  6. Call an expert – If none of the above remedies work, maybe it is a more deep-rooted problem. It is the time to call a professional pool cleaning service.